Unarmed Black Males Shot by Police, a Body Count


Michael Brown, was an unarmed Black man shot down by a white cop. Sadly this sort of tragedy is nothing new. Incidents like this one come from America’s history of slavery and lynchings. The terrible truth is that such incidents have become normal and accepted by white Americans. After demonizing Black people for a lifetime, most whites dismiss unarmed Black men being shot as it being just a thug, and criminal  being taken off the street, and good riddance. However nothing can excuse the casual slaughter of fathers, husbands, sons, brothers and friends just because they are Black males. As you review the list below and check the source material it becomes instantly obvious how pathetic and unnecessary these killing were. In one case a man was killed because he was using water from a drinking fountain to cool his face on a hot day. There were also children shot while they were playing with toy guns. At what point will Black people stop tolerating unarmed innocent men and boys from being killed and seriously fight back?

Please add names I missed, and names of unarmed women shot by cops in the comment section.


Tamir Rice

Michael Brown

Timothy Russell

Ervin Jefferson

Patrick Desmond

Ousmane Zongo

Orland Barlow

Aaron Campbell

Victor Steen

Stephen Eugene Washington

Alonzo Ashley

Wendell Allen

Ronald madison

James Brissette

Tavares McGill

Ramarley Graham

Oscar Grant

Romain Brisdon

Sean Bell

Akai Gurley

Timothy Stansbury

Amadou Diallo

Nicholas Heyward Jr

Trayvon Martin

Kimani Gray

Kendrec Mcdade


Melissa Williams


Source Material:



Also, just Google “unarmed Black male  shot”



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